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Coglink Requirements


To use Coglink, YOU need to be able to:

  • See the computer monitor.

  • Read and type messages.

  • Be physically able to use the mouse and keyboard (or other device that you currently use to move the cursor and enter text into the computer).

  • If you wish, you can give us the name of a support person (family member or friend) who we will work with to help with computer related problems you have with set-up or troubleshooting.

To run Coglink, your COMPUTER needs the following:

  • Windows (XP or higher) or Mac OS (10.4 or higher)

  • A working CD drive for Windows, Available USB port for Mac.

  • A connection to the Internet through a dial-up modem, DSL, Cable, or wireless broadband. 

  • A set of speakers in order to hear the audio input from the training program.



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