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"I was always overwhelmed or
frightened by the computer before.
But this is so easy. I'm not afraid to
push a button, that the whole thing's
gonna blow up on me or something."

Steve, 49 years

"I just love it! I absolutely love it!"

Maria, 29 years

"It is a lot of fun and is working well
for me. I would recommend it to anyone."

Bill, 66 years

KVAL News:
E-mail program helps connect
brain injured people with loved ones

Register Guard Newspaper:
E-mail service helps mentally
disabled communicate


Welcome to Coglink a product of Life Technologies!


picture of the coglink user interface Coglink is a personalized, simple-to-use, safe email program that comes with automated training and unlimited access to our friendly HelpDesk staff for questions and troubleshooting.


Coglink helps you build your own community of email buddies. We will personalize your email software to include just the people you want to email with. Those who send spam and viruses will be left out of your community. 


With Coglink, email messages are sent in just a few easy steps.  There are no hidden windows or distracting pop-up screens.


Coglink includes a free Training program that helps users learn the basic skills for using the mouse, keyboarding, and emailing.


The Coglink HelpDesk provides the technical support  necessary to maintain use of the Coglink Email program.  We are also experts in connecting your computer to the Internet and making sure you stay connected. Just ask us! Watch a short demonstration video of someone using Coglink to ask the HelpDesk a question by clicking here!    

picture of our friendly helpdesk staff Who uses Coglink

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People who want a simple way to stay in touch with friends and family.

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People who have access to a computer, but find it is not used because of the complexity of setting it up and maintaining it.

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People who have been unsuccessful in using other email programs because they are too hard to learn and there are too many things to remember.

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People who will not tolerate email carrying computer viruses, ads for drugs, pornography, fake charities and get-rich-quick scams.


To find out if you can use Coglink email, click on picture of a button that says requirements   



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