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Type of Internet access  


There are 4 types of connections for getting Internet access.  The types of connections vary in price, performance, and flexibility.  Not all types of connections are available in all areas, so you will need to talk to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to find out what is available in your area.  




Dial-up works by connecting to the Internet through your existing phone line.  Your computer uses a modem to "dial" the ISP and connect to the Internet.  Dial-up has the slowest performance, but it is also has the cheapest cost, $10 ~ $20.  Dial-up is adequate for email and light internet use. A dial-up connection will tie up your phone, generating a busy signal for anyone trying to call you.  Dial-up is available wherever there is a phone line.  


Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)


DSL uses a connection that looks like a phone line, but has faster performance.  DSL will usually require the phone company to install a second phone line, for transmitting the digital signal.  When using DSL, your computer is always connected to the Internet, thus your computer does not need to spend time "dialing up" the ISP.  DSL ranges from mid to high performance and can cost $30 ~ $50 depending on the performance.  DSL is available in most areas.  




Cable is similar to DSL in that your computer is always connected to the Internet.  However, instead of a phone line, Cable uses the same coax line as cable television.  Television cable companies provide Internet Cable service, and will typically use your existing TV cable line. Cable performance is very fast and usually costs $45 ~ $60.  Cable is available in most areas.  




Wireless Internet access uses radio frequencies similar to how cell phones work.  The ISP will supply you with a box that plugs into your computer and has an antenna for wirelessly connecting to the Internet.  The performance is similar to DSL, and the cost is about $40 ~ $60.  Wireless is available in a limited number of areas.

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