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How to share a single Internet connection  


A single DSL or Cable Internet connection can be shared among dozens of computers...


For people interested in supplying an Internet connection to more than one computer in a home or large facility there is now a low cost solution.  There is no need for each computer to be wired to the Internet, which can incur hefty monthly fees.  In fact, a single DSL or Cable Internet connection can provide fast Internet access to dozens of computers.  In addition, the computers don't even have to be in the same room!  


So, what is the key to sharing an Internet connection?  Wireless Networking.  Wireless networking will allow you to share an Internet connection among dozens of computers up to 100 yards away.


What you'll need:   

  • DSL or Cable modem (supplied by your Internet Service Provider)

  • Wireless Ethernet Router (connects directly to the DSL/Cable modem)

  • Wireless Adapter (one for each computer that needs Internet access)

Below is a diagram demonstrating how to setup a wireless network.  Most wireless routers come with detailed instructions on how to install and setup the wireless router, however, it is recommended that someone with general computer experience perform the installation.  The wireless router and wireless adapters can be purchased at any office or electronics store and are fairly inexpensive.  





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