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The Coglink Learning Center


We state that our product is safe. But what does that mean? In Email 101, we provide an overview of how unsafe email has become. This is part educational and part a sales pitch for Coglink, which protects you from the type of attacks we illustrate.


Learn how to keep yourself and your computer safe when using Email.

With rather inexpensive technology, a building site (e.g., apartment complex, living facility, store) can set up a wireless network that allows a large number of computers to connect to the Internet through a single access point. We give you the basics in Wireless Networking.  

 Learn how to share a single Internet connection among dozens of computers.

What if you have a computer, but do not have an Internet connection? We discuss the means that you can obtain an Internet connection to your home or apartment.

Learn about the different ways to obtain an Internet connection.

If you have further questions on any of these topics, contact our Coglink .






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